Battlestar Galactica Vinyl Titans Arrive In May

by Staff

Titan Merchandise, who have produced sturdy and detail-oriented vinyl collectibles of pop culture properties like Doctor Who, Star Trek, Breaking Bad, and many more, are bringing us Battlestar Galactica, shipping in March. This is their “So Say We All” collection of TITANS, consisting of both classic and contemporary characters. The set is shipping out on March 24th, and estimated to be in stock in shops by the 24th of May.


Titan describes the collection:

This set celebrates Battlestar Galactica’s epic struggle for survival as humankind flees from the merciless Cylons and struggles to find a new home in the depths of space. The set includes some of the show’s most popular characters: the brilliant-but-narcissistic-and-self-preserving Dr. Gaius Baltar, ever-evolving Viper pilot Kara “Starbuck” Thrace, President of the Colonies Laura Roslin and legendary military leader William Adama. Also included is a deadly Cylon Centurion and the infamous Cylon Raider “Scar”.

The set, presented in blind boxes, also consists of three “chase” collector figures. You can now check out pre-ordering options on sites like Entertainment Earth and Forbidden Planet.


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