Weta Workshop Brings Us Gimli Sitting Atop The 43rd Uruk-hai

by Staff

Weta Workshop has produced a number of statues in their “miniatures” collection of sculptures, but their latest offering, shipping in February, definitely evokes the dark humor of the struggles our heroes face in The Lord of the Rings. Here we see Gimli the dwarf seated on top of the slain body of an Uruk-hai after a night-long battle alongside his companions Legolas and Aragorn. The sculpture is titled Gimli the Dwarf on Uruk-hai 43.


As the story goes, the trio faced astonishing odds to survive the night battle defending the gates of Helm’s Deep. In bleakly humorous banter, Legolas boasts that he has slain 42 Uruk-hai, while Gimli finds himself seated on his 43rd, besting the elf, temporarily.

Gimli has been sculpted by Brigitte Wuest, the lead sculptor on The Lord of the Rings film trilogy.

Weta is taking orders now.

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