Do You Like Iron Fist Now, Or Will You Like It Later? Watch The Official Trailer

by Staff

Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and now Iron Fist. If the pattern holds, about 50% of those interested in the series will love it wholeheartedly from the start, and the other 50% will not be so sure for the first two episodes, but will keep going and become even more rabid converts.

The official Iron Fist trailer, released by Netflix ahead of the March 17th launch date, looks like it might blow past the first 50% of fans and into that more skeptical group of hopeful fans. It’s sharp, definitive, clearly presented, full of action, backstory, and at least some banter. The concept of an outsider returning to his family home after being thought dead for many years may remind you of a number of hero stories, but in this case, placing Danny Rand in the big city makes him feel strangely vulnerable and ramps up the tension on the idea of one man against the world, and in this case, a world of corruption.

I didn’t have any particular obsession with Iron Fist but thought I’d give the show a chance when it aired since I’ve become a devotee of Netflix’s other Marvel series so far, but having seen this trailer, I’m genuinely interested. Maybe I’ll be in that first 50% this time around. Claire Temple’s giving no f*&$s attitude might just push me into that category.

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