Watch Marvel’s Monsters Unleashed Video Featuring The Black Keys

by Staff

In support of their Monsters Unleashed event, Marvel have been producing a series of videos with images, discussion, and music, and a new video has been released featuring Pat Carney of The Black Keys, and their track “Just Couldn’t Tie Me Down”. These Marvel Music Spotlight Videos are being released monthly with an educational goal, to bring new and older fans into the Monsters Unleashed crossover event.

I’ve been reading the main title of Monsters Unleashed written by Cullen Bunn and drawn by Steve McNiven, and found it to be a fun and interesting title. Bunn does a great job setting up a complex and extremely wide-ranging plot with literally dozens of major characters involved, and McNiven’s artwork is energetic and compelling. Some of the other crossover issues focus on the way in which the Kaiju-like event as monsters descend from space all over the word affects different teams of heroes, for instance the Avengers. That title, which I also tried, had its merits, and created some interesting interaction between more established and newer characters, though I prefer the main title for solid storytelling.

Here’s our new video for Monsters Unleashed, featuring Pat Carney of The Black Keys:

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