Dynamite To Release The Art Of Atari Poster Collection – Preview The Posters

by Staff


The Art of Atari hardcover has been everywhere this winter, popping up in chain stores, independent bookstores, and local comic shops, and marks a big success in a new type of book for Dynamite. Flipping through the pages, I’ve been very impressed by the range of contents and the way it is geared toward fan interest while maintaining a biographical feel about the history of Atari.

Today, Dynamite has announced a follow up “poster book” for April of 2017, curated by the Art of Atari author Tim Lapetino. The Art of Atari Poster Collection will focus specifically on the artwork produced in association with Atari games presented at poster size. Each of the 40 pages of poster images will be easy to remove from the book for display purposes.

Lapetino says:

I’m thrilled that we are able to make the classic artwork of Atari available to fans and art aficionados in a new form. It’s great to be able to showcase and enjoy the amazing artwork in this larger format, and it’s what fans have been clamoring for since I began researching Atari.

With the 80’s in the air of pop culture obsession right now, this poster book is well-timed. No doubt by the time Season 2 of Stranger Things hits Netflix, we’ll all have our favorite Atari posters up to create an authentic atmosphere. Look out for Dynamite’s Atari Poster Book in June.

Here’s a preview of the posters the book will contain from Millipede, Star Raiders, and Water World :

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