Two New Local Shops Supporting Comics In Brooklyn

by Staff


Many of you have probable already heard about the new comic shop, Anyone Comics, opening in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, created by a former manager at Midtown Comics, Dimitrios Fragiskatos, and planning to feature artists working in-store. But even if you have, gear up since the shop will be opening March 1st, and there will be an opening day party. They say: “Guest artists are on deck. Pets welcome. Plus a huge 25% off your first order if you can prove you signed up for the email list. Come get involved”. Find their Facebook page right here.

But there’s also been another development in Brooklyn which should be of interest to comics folks. When it was announced that the great indie bookstore BookCourt was closing, there was both celebration that the owners had run a successful shop for many years and were now retiring, but also a sense of loss, since the shop had been a warm and welcoming host to many literary events and comics events. It was a place where different arts co-mingled and often created an excellent dialogue between different mediums.

A new independent bookstore will, however, be opening on Smith Street. Books are Magic will be opening this Spring, according to the blog of Emma Straub, author and former employee of BookCourt. Straub explains that she was “heartbroken” when she learned that BookCourt was closing.

She says:

In addition to being my former employer, and the site of all five of my book launch parties, BookCourt is a part of our daily family life. Our children know its every corner as well as we do. We’ve fallen in love countless times within its walls…with the right book for the right moment, over and over and over again. A neighborhood without an independent bookstore is a body without a heart. And so we’re building a new heart.

Over recent months, Straub has been looking into locations, and it looks like she’s found one–on Smith Street in Brooklyn. The blog “Pardon Me For Asking: News from Caroll Gardens, Brooklyn, and Beyond” has noted signs have gone up indicating the location on the corner of Smith Street and Butler Street. The website Brooklyn Paper also posted about the shop yesterday after Straub revealed the location via Instagram:

You can sign up for Books Are Magic’s mailing list for updates here. You can also find Books Are Magic on twitter:@booksaremagicbk or instagram: @booksaremagicbk

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