‘Following Captain’s Orders’ – Rip Takes Control In DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow 2.13 Extended Promo

by Staff


After a rather adventurous, fanciful, and let’s face it–quite sentimental–visit to Camelot last episode, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is making a bigger leap in episode 2.13 by taking the nefarious (well, recently nefarious) Rip Hunter in tow. Very bad things ensue. Like being stranded seventy million years in the past.

What’s looking interesting about this episode, “Land of the Lost”, is that there’s  a significant psychological emphasis developing as the team try to “fix” Rip and get to grips with his dark side, but end up facing their own worst natures, too. And that’s a nice balance for deeper storytelling after the wild action elements of Camelot/3000 last time.

Will there be any dinosaurs in an episode titled after a 1970’s show about people living among dinosaurs? That’s unclear, since none have been shown in any promos, and all the action here focuses on the interior of the Waverider. But you never know. With a two week gap, maybe the CW will release a second promo clip to clear things up. Rip seems deadly enough on his own to bring menace to this episode.

Here’s our extended promo for episode 2.13, “Land of the Lost”, while you have a wait for its air date of March 7th:

And here’s a behind-the-scenes feature on episode 2.12, “Camelot/3000”, in case you missed it:

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