There’s Still Time To Get A G.I. Joe Style Larry Hama Action Figure

by Staff


This week seems to have been the tipping point in the media catching hold of the fact that writer and artist Larry Hama is being immortalized as a G.I. Joe style action figure through a Kickstarter campaign. The campaign still has 16 days to go, but has exceeded its funding goal several times over.

There’s still time to take part in this campaign honoring a brilliant writer and artist, and a very kind and giving member of the comics community. He’s also the person who wrote all the descriptions on those G.I. Joe file cards you cut out and kept as a kid along with your action figures, so what could be more appropriate than that Hama should join the ranks of your collection?

Then there’s the fact that Hama is an avid collector of G.I. Joe figures and vehicles and uses them, by his own admission, to imagine and set up scenes in the G.I. Joe comics that he currently writes, published by IDW.

The campaign, run by Fresh Monkey Fiction and REMCO, will be fulfilled through overseas production, but the creators state that they have taken the time needs into account when planning the fulfillment of the campaign.

Here’s some of the motivation for this Kickstarter in the words of the campaign leaders:

Standing at 4” high, the Larry Hama figure features an original Hama head sculpt by Nick Whitmore and original art card by Adam Riches. This figure is perfectly suited for adventures at a convention, on a stage, or even tackling the might of a deadline.

$25 gets you the Standard Larry Hama Figure itself, carded in a classic bubble. The Deluxe Figure level gives you the Top Secret accessory and Larry Hama metal trading card (both exclusive to this Kickstarter), while the Signed Deluxe Figure gets you all of that, plus Larry’s signature on a special edition Larry Hama metal card. You can also add-on single Larry Hama figures to your pledge.

With a goal of only $6,000 to produce this figure, we’re confident more Larry fans like us will pitch in for the most fitting tribute we could think of. This will give us a chance to honor the man who made action figures more than just articulated plastic, and have him personally hang out with our collections, old and new.

Thinking of adding this super cool Larry Hama figure to your collection? Head over to the Kickstarter campaign right here.


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