Alex De Campi & Friends Are Kickstarting Two Sci-Fi Graphic Novels For One Week Only

by Staff


[UPDATE: This Kickstarter has been canceled, shortly after launch.]

In an unusual, but very focused move, veteran comics writer Alex de Campi and her creative teams on two different science fiction graphic novels are running a Kickstarter this week for one week only. This is because the creative costs needed are actually only for specific tasks remaining to be done–in one case to color a book–and in another to get a book lettered–rather than to fund the work on an entire volume. The campaign ends on March 19th.

My first reaction was excitement to hear that Alex de Campi was working on two sci-fi books, and my second upon further inspection was to be doubly interested by the fact that one is all-ages. There definitely need to be more all-ages sci-fi books. All in all, choosing to run a short, bundled Kickstarter for these two volumes is an interesting move and reminds us that Kickstarter is a very flexible platform that can conform to the specific needs of a project if you’re prepared to think outside the box.

So, what are these titles? The first is 100 page “sci-horror”, Tycho Base, and the second is 56 page “adventure-sci”, Scarlett Svenson.

Tycho Base is described by de Campi as being “like a werewolf story… on the moon”, featuring  “a small, multinational team of entrepreneurs and scientists” who use a “failed / abandoned moon resort as a base to retrieve a probe with a sample of comet ice… ice that may contain evidence microscopic alien life”. This is no doubt where the horror comes in as one of the team is infected and becomes werewolf-like and we witness the different reactions of team members in whether they want to save her, kill her, or anything in between. The line art is by Stephen Morrow and Chris O’Halloran will be coloring the book.

The Adventures of Scarlett Svenson, drawn by Paul Tucker, is the story of  a young girl who helps her family run a lighthouse “on an endless prairie, where corn is farmed by giant harvest-cities that sweep over the plains”. De Campi says: “When a boy falls off the edge of one of those cities, Scarlett has to find the boy and save him before a storm sweeps in, bringing with it certain death if you’re caught out in the open. And if they avoid the storm, there’s always the not-so-friendly alien wildlife that has come to infest the prairie”. She adds that “all-ages content doesn’t mean all ages can read the book”, usually, but this book is aimed at “2nd grade reading level, with simpler vocabulary and larger letters”.

On the most basic level, these two campaigns are just looking to get the books finished and make digital versions for supporters, but stretch goals do move into limited print editions.

Check out the Kickstarter video to learn more about these cool sci-fi projects:

Remember, the campaign closes on March 19th, 2017!

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