So Much 80’s, So Much Plastic, So Much Pop Culture – The Spring New Jersey Collectors Con

by Staff


This con is definitely old school. That’s not to say they don’t have a website and broadcast about the event locally, but in taking over a few rooms in hotels a couple times a year, the New Jersey Collectors Con creates a definite rhythm of life for toy collectors and enthusiasts in the Mount Holly area of New Jersey and the surrounding region. I first attented 4 years ago, and since then it’s probably doubled in size, impressing me this year with the number of vendors, their friendliness, and even the presence of a couple of comic artists selling original art, Dan Khanna and Joe Del Beato.

Attending on Sunday, March 12th, I found that the collectibles, as promised in the advertising for the show, did have a big representation for G.I. Joe, Transformers, and Star Wars, with some DC Comics thrown in, but evening things out were modern Funko POPs, particularly in toy-related fandoms, a little Doctor Who, Smurfs, and other figurine-based properties like WWE. The impact of the 80’s on popular culture seems nowhere so clearly expressed as at toy collecting shows, with so much brightly colored plastic, and so much formative pop culture as toys blend to TV and film experiences of the era.

The G.I. Joe and Transformers were particularly wide-ranging, though, and sufficient to help any collector fill in gaps in an extensive collection with missing figures, figures that might need to be repaired, vehicles in different states of restoration, and the like. There was plenty for the casual attendee to take an interest in, but if you were a a dedicated collector of Joe or Transformers, this might have been your essential show for the year. And there were plenty of folks carrying around multiple bags of purchases. The door fee was $10.00 for entry, which hasn’t gone up in four years, and as a rule the environment was customer friendly and kid friendly.

Here are some photos of the show:


If you’d like to know more about New Jersey Collectors Con and its events, you can find their Facebook page right here.

**Photo credits to Russell Shannon

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