A Mind For Music – Our ‘Duet’ Crossover Between Flash And Supergirl This Week

by Staff


Musical episodes are popular everywhere, but have a particular thrill factor in superhero shows, it seems. I still remember Agent Carter’s musical episode vividly, and fans have been counting the days until we get season 3, episode 17 of The Flash, which will crossover with Supergirl through song and dance.

Using alternative universes has been expanding the range of The Flash for some time, giving us differences in costume, design, culture, and character that have added to the richness of the show, and with a recent foray into the Speed Force for Barry, can we assume a similar off-universe set up for this episode? Nope, this one is “real” to Barry’s earth surprisingly.

Actually, here’s the full explanation for how exactly this episode comes about in narrative terms:

Barry (Grant Gustin) and team are surprised when Mon-El (guest star Chris Wood) and Hank Henshaw (guest star David Harewood) arrive on their Earth carrying a comatose Supergirl (guest star Melissa Benoist) who was whammied by the Music Meister (guest star Darren Criss). Unable to wake her up, they turn to Team Flash to save her. However, the Music Meister surprises The Flash and puts him in a similar coma, one that Team Flash can’t cure. Kara and Barry wake up without their powers in an alternate reality where life is like a musical and the only way to escape is by following the script, complete with singing and dancing, to the end.

Well, that’s even more sinister and interesting, and will pit our heroes against their own minds as well as the Music Meister.

Check out the extended promo for The Flash 3.17, “Duet”, airing on Tuesday, March 21st on the CW: