Christopher Sebela Writes KISS/Vampirella For Dynamite, Arriving In June

by Staff


The KISS comics from Dynamite have been garnering quite a following, even getting mainstream media coverage with Gene Simmons in venues like the Hollywood Reporter. Now the KISS comic universe is crossing over with another multi-media property shepherded by Dynamite–Vampirella. We should have seen that coming, since it is a fairly natural fit. Getting Christopher Sebela (Welcome Back, High Crimes, Captain Marvel, Alien vs. Predator) to write the comic is also a compelling choice–his off the wall sense of humor and eye toward characterization will no doubt give the comic depth to add to the glam of the properties. The series will be drawn by Annapaola Martello (Scarlet Witch, Spider-Gwen).

Dynamite teases that Vampirella will “rock with the Demon, the Starchild, the Spaceman, and the Catman”. The setting will be the 1970’s, which seems like a good choice to bring these properties together.

Here’s the official description for the series:

Los Angeles is a strange town on the best of days, but in the summer of 1974, the City of Angels feels especially demonic. As temperatures soar and wildfires burn, all sorts of strange creatures are drawn to town… including Vampirella. While Vampi goes out and hunts down monsters all across La La Land – defending humanity from evil – she’s also killing it every night on stage as a member of an all-girl rock group – defending rock ‘n’ roll from a dying scene. Help arrives in the form of four creatures who’ve just flown into town: The Starchild, The Demon, The Spaceman, and The Catman. Away from their home turf and trying to record their new album, KISS discovers that all their favorite L.A. bands have mysteriously broken up, disappeared, sold out, or gone crazy. Led by a driver who moonlights in the occult and haunted by satanic strangers dressed in black, KISS finds themselves drawn into a web of conspiracy that threatens to kill rock ‘n’ roll itself!

Gene Simmons says that he’s always been a big fan of “Vampi” and that he grew up reading Warren publications like Famous Monsters of Filmland, so he’s excited for this crossover. Sebela is also channeling pop culture history, commenting that he wants the comic to feel like a drive-in movie at times, and he’s put Vampirella in a band to blend the properties, an “all-girl rock group with a witchy gimmick”.

This all sounds promising and the first issue will, of course, have several variant covers when it arrives (pictured throughout this piece).

Here’s more information about the variant covers that will be available:

Three art covers feature the talents of Juan Doe (cover artist of Dynamite’s bestselling KISS #1 launch), Carli Idhe (Womanthology: Space), and Roberto Castro (Lords of the Jungle), respectively. Dynamite also offers a Photo edition cover featuring KISS posing with a Vampirella model, a Cosplay edition, and a Blank Authentix edition for fans to illustrate themselves (or, for convention-goers, to commission their favorite artists to illustrate). Five limited variant editions in “Black & White” and “Virgin Art” formats are also available as retailer incentives for comic shops that support the launch issue by achieving stocking thresholds.

KISS/Vampirella #1 will be listed in the April edition of Previews and will arrive in June.