A Teen Pregnant With The Antichrist And Britain’s Playboy Super-Spy – Two New Series From Aftershock

by Staff


Aftershock are going to be kicking off two brand new series in June from two high-powered creative teams. They are Babyteeth, written by Donny Cates (Buzzkill, The Paybacks, God Country), with art by Gary Brown (The Revisionist), and cover art by Elizabeth Torque, and Jimmy’s Bastards, written by Garth Ennis (Preacher, The Boys), with art by Russell Braun and cover art by Dave Johnson.

[Babyteeth #1 cover art by Gary Brown]

Babyteeth has been described by Cates as a “fun” comic despite its quite heavy overarching concepts. It features 16 year old Sadie Ritter who is nine months pregnant and “scared out of her sweet nerdy mind”. And she has more reason than most teens to be since even though her family are being supportive, “her baby is the antichrist and it’s going to break open the barriers between the earthly and demonic planes” which will result, of course, in great suffering for humankind. The series has been described as having a Buffy the Vampire feel, so that’s where some of the lighter elements come in.

[Babyteeth #1 cover art by Elizabeth Torque]

[Jimmy’s Bastards #1 cover art by Dave Johnson]

Jimmy’s Bastards, written by the great Garth Ennis, looks to be laced with an element of dark humor, too, taking a turn for the stylized elements of the super-spy tradition. Jimmy Regent is is “Britain’s number one super-spy” and he’s living a life of  “intrigue” and “adventure” as well as a license to kill. Then, of course, he also has women “falling at his feet” too. But his new female partner isn’t impressed by his playboy attitudes and his love life might be coming back to bite him in big ways.

[Jimmy’s Bastards #1 cover art by Russ Braun]

Babyteeth #1 arrives on June 14th, and is listed in Previews World with the following item codes: APR171222 and APR171223

Jimmy’s Bastards #1 arrives in shops on June 7th, and is listed in Previews World with the following item codes: APR171220 and APR171221

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