A Fierce Drag Queen, Deranged Orphans, And Gang Wars Over Chickens – Tinkers Of The Wasteland From Scout Comics

by Staff


Creator-owned comics publisher Scout Comics have announced a new series arriving on June 28th featuring  post-apocalyptic meteor-ravaged badlands, plenty of danger, and…chickens. Well, chickens are very rare and lead to big conflicts in this comic’s world, particularly in the hands of a gang led by a “fierce drag queen” who has been tasked with hoarding the chickens.

According to Scout Comics, there are also “mildly deranged orphans” known as The Tinkers who have possession of a mysterious map that might just lead to a secret bunker that figures highly in the mythical lore of those struggling to survive in the Wasteland.

 [Black and white artwork from Trevino’s original OGN]

Written and illustrated by Raul Trevino, Tinkers of the Wasteland definitely seems like a way to dive into the strange.  And it will probably make you run out for some KFC while you’re at it.

[Black and white artwork from Trevino’s original OGN]

Originally published as a black and white manga-style graphic novel by Trevino, it’s now coming out as a single issue series in three parts from Scout Comics.

 [Black and white artwork from Trevino’s original OGN]


You can find Tinkers of the Wasteland #1 [1. Cool Chickens of the Apocalypse] listed in April Previews with item code APR171934  and arriving in shops on June 28th.