MoCCA Fest Debuts – Neil Dvorak’s Instagram Comics Turned Fine Prints

by Staff


This weekend, the comic art festival MoCCA Fest will be taking place in New York City from April 1st to April 2nd, bringing together hundreds of creators and thousands of fans. Cartoonist and animator Neil Dvorak will be there, at table F224, and he will be bringing some debuts with him.

While trying to fund and finish his Easy Pieces animation, he’s been making short comics on Instagram in order to create one-off projects while still able to devote the majority of hist time to finishing his animation project.

He has selected some of his Instagram comics and printed them out using a fine art giclee method and, frankly, they look awesome.

He’ll also be selling brown (vol 1) and green (vol 2) envelopes with narrative comics inside from the Easy Pieces sequences dealing with big concepts of identity, psychology, and human interaction, that inspired his animated work.

You can see more of Neil Dvorak’s Instagram comics online here, but visit him at table F224 to pick up these lovely postcards.

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