Would You Build An Art Tower Of All Your Spider-Man Figures?

by Staff


One of the most interesting and strange things I came across at WonderCon over the weekend was a remarkable art installation created to advertise a company called “That Spider-Man Booth” based in LA who tour to conventions, but also take up a more permanent home in Frank and Sons in LA. Frank and Sons is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays and is a “permanent convention”, as I learned.

Selling things Spider-Man, the company devised a unique talking point in their “Tower of Spider”, as they termed it when I asked what it was dubbed. If it has any deep and profound meaning, it may be that broken and battered Spidey toys can be brought together to evoke a fandom. Pop culture toys make great art.

Here’s a look at “Tower of Spider” in all its convention glory. It was composed of hundreds of Spider-Man figures, Venom figures, and the like.

“That Spider-Man Booth” really channels Peter Parker, even decorating with signage that said, “I feel like Peter”:

You can find out more about “That Spider-Man Booth” on their Facebook page.