Titan Kindly Remind Us That They Have New Doctor Who T-Shirts Ahead Of The Season Premier

by Staff


The Doctor Who season premier is less than two weeks away, landing in the UK and on BBC America on April 15th. Bringing us Peter Capaldi’s final season as the Doctor and a new companion in Bill, who is also the first explicitly gay companion on the show, this is not a series to miss out on. And you can do one better by wearing your fandom, of course, for the premier.

Titan Merchandise have kindly reminded us this week that they have us covered. Several recent styles are available for the devoted fan. Here’s a look at those rather sharp designs:


[Order Code: BTS-GASK-001]

[Order Code: BTS-WATR-001]

[Order Code: BTS-KW13-002]

[Order Code: BTS-CAT-001]

And here’s the trailer for the season 10 premier, which you have almost certainly already seen, but you can watch it on loop until April 15th if you like: