Pulp Fiction Vinyl TITANS Are On Their Way

by Staff


Titan Merchandise have announced their first wave of vinyl TITANS figures for the film Pulp Fiction. They will consist of 3 inch blind-boxed figures, some of which come with accessories, and characters will be drawn from all three intertwining stories.

There will be 4 “super-rare” chase figures and one “ultra-rare” figure to collect in this series as well. Titan also tease that more figures from Pulp Fiction will be announced in future.

Titan Merchandise says:

From everyone’s favourite super-iconic Quentin Tarantino masterpiece come homicidal lovebirds Pumpkin & Honey Bunny, lethal conversation-loving hit men Jules and Vincent, dance-trophy demanding gangster’s moll Mia, even Tarantino himself as Jules’s helpful pal Jimmie!

Here’s a look at what’s coming up: