Good Friday At The Black Crown Pub Gave Us Street Layouts, First Inks, And Milligan’s Lament

by Staff


Sure, it was a holiday Friday, but that didn’t stop you going down to the pub, right? Black Crown, the new creator-owned imprint at IDW headed by Editor Shelly Bond, has made a good bad habit of hanging out there (online) on Fridays at 4pm PST (7PM EST) and dropping hints, sketches and artwork about the upcoming books and their world.

Though the books being published under the sign of the Black Crown are independent, there is a permeable shared-world aspect that will link them together–a street where establishments overlap in conceptual space, a street lined with shops and venues, including the Black Crown Pub. Kid Lobotomy, the first title announced in the series, by Peter Milligan and Tess Fowler, is the subject of current discussions.

On Good Friday, we received new gossip from the Black Crown, and it included a schematic layout of the streets where the Black Crown Pub is located, the first pencil/ink detail reveal from Kid Lobotomy by Tess Fowler, and an edited note from Milligan with Bond’s response. Also, we learned that the letterer for Black Crown is Aditya Bidikar. Who has also worked on Motor Crush and Black Cloud from Image, and Femme Magnifique, edited by Bond.

First up, the maps in progress, by “Le Confusier” (ahem):

Big points for crytpic bits of string, conspiracy style! What do you call it when you’re actually creating a conspiracy with bits of string, rather than trying to re-construct one? Bond, Milligan, and Fowler will have to invent a word for it.

So here we have the Black Crown Pub, Kid Lobotomy’s hotel called The Suites, a record shop, a comic shop, a coffee shop and their relation to one another. I’d like to bet that either the record shop or comic shop will pop up in a forthcoming comic at Black Crown, but they may just be good geek urban planning.

I’m particularly interested by the circled numbers for 1, 2, 3, and 4, 5, 6. Maybe those are future comic locations? We’ll be finding out—eventually.

But then we also have Fowler’s panel from Kid Lobotomy:
Nice t-shirt, Kid. Where can we get one? But let’s not make it a lunch date. Yeah, that’s a kind of melon scooper and what he’s eating…I don’t think we want to know. Well, maybe we do when we get the rest of the page.

Also, some written banter between writer and editor, leaving Peter Milligan lamenting and Bond offering tiny violins:

While it’s possible that Milligan is referring to any number of things that could come under the heading of “character assassination”, he may well be building a dialogue off last week’s pub hangout where Bond’s note to herself reminded her not to let Milligan “Go off the rails. Again. Like last time.” Somehow this sounds like Bond and Milligan are only gunning their engines–with plenty of road to go.

Make sure to check out the virtual Black Crown to catch up on news and hints, and to hang out on Fridays. Rain or shine.

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