The Devastator Crowdfund An Official RPG For Wet Hot American Summer

by Staff


The Devastator, our all-humor press, has announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to fund a licensed role playing game based on the comedy film Wet Hot American Summer.

Approved by the film’s co-writer and director David Wain, the RPG, called Wet Hot American Summer: Fantasy Camp, is going to be an “old school tabletop RPG which gives players the chance to act as camper, counselor or staffer, such as Coop, Beth or Gene, at Camp Firewood. Scenarios you’ll encounter are drawn from and inspired by the film.

The Devastator co-founder and game author Geoffrey Golden says:

Wet Hot American Summer: Fantasy Camp is both a compelling stand-alone reading experience and just plain fun to play. The game includes three customizable story-paths: Save the Camp, Superstardom, and Bonfire Boinking. But even if you’re allergic to the idea of playing an RPG, you’ll want to read the rulebook, which was ‘written’ by The Indoor Kids in 1981.

If funded, the RPG will be available to backers in November of 2017.  Backers can get the book as a digital download, or as a physical copy (some of which are autographed by the game’s creators). The Devastator will even mail you postcards from Camp Firewood.  Backers will also have the chance to play the game early with the creators.

The campaign for Wet Hot American Summer: Fantasy Camp is live and runs through May 17th.

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Here’s a look at the trailer for this campaign:

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