Would You Buy A Character-Themed Table Made From Real Comics?

by Staff


Just at the end of the show at C2E2 in Chicago on Sunday, while many folks were rolling up their wares, I noticed a cluster of tables, almost a small forest of them, in a vendor’s booth. Perhaps you’ve seen these before, but they were new to me, and if I had room in my luggage somehow, it would have been very tempting to take one or more home.

These end-table sized tables were covered in artfully arrange lacquered comic pages, covers, and panels, featuring key characters.

From Wolverine to Superman and The Joker, or even the more generalized Sandman table, the focus was part of the appeal. While I’ve seen furniture decorated with comics before to give a “comicsy” feel, to have a specific theme was even more interesting:

Or, if you’re a fan of Pokemon, there was even one to suit your tastes:

These tables were crafted by D Men Designs, who create “custom functional art” and you can learn more about them on their Facebook Page.

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