Making Zines And Encountering Local Politics – Preview Steven Universe #3, Out Today

by Staff


Boom! Studios’ Steven Universe series from their kaboom! imprint is one we’ve been following on and praising for its humor, inventiveness, and characterization. This week’s issue #3 fits the bill, and takes us into the role of local politics, hinted at in issue #2, but here more pronounced. Also, Steven makes a zine! Comics makers rejoice.

Created by Rebecca Sugar, written by Melanie Gillman, and illustrated by Katy Farina, with colors by Whitney Cougar, this series stays true the appealing artwork of the animated series while introducing new adventures and themes that take a quizzical look at modern life.

Take a look at the interior pages of Steven Universe #3:

Steven Universe #3 arrives in shops this Wednesday, April 26th, 2017.

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