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by Staff was at Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo from April 21st to 23rd in Chicago, and many of the announcements connected to C2E2 from publishers also spun out of the Diamond Summit running just before the show. We’ve collected our coverage here in one place, in case you missed any, and placed them by publisher.

Dark Horse Comics:

The Dark North:

Star Trek Adult Coloring Books:

Reefer Madness:

Empowered Deluxe Edition 3:

Hellboy’s Cinnamon Whisky:

The Social Media Panel:

All Things Dark Horse At C2E2:

Dynamite Entertainment:

Ash Vs. The Army of Darkness:

Green Hornet/The Spirit Crossover:

The Avenger: Faces of Justice:

Atari Centipede Comic:

James Bond: Kill Chain:

Bettie Page:

Albatross Funnybooks:

The Albatross Funnybooks Panel:


Complete Star Wars Newspaper Strips:

The Wynonna Earp Panel:

All Things IDW At C2E2:

Boom! Studios:

Second Ongoing Power Rangers Series:

War For the Planet of the Apes:

Marvel Comics:

The X-Men ResurrXion Panel:

Marvel Generations:

DC Comics:

Dark Matter:


Road To Harbinger Wars 2 Panel:

Ninjak Vs. The Valiant Universe Digital Panel with Jason David Frank:

The X-O Manowar Panel:

All Things Valiant At C2E2:

May Titles Feature 7 Page Secret Weapons Preview:

Image Comics:

Retcon series announced:

Storm King Productions:

Storm King’s Collectible Buttons:

All Things Storm King At C2E2:


All Things Aftershock At C2E2:

Heavy Metal:

Dark Matter Coffee And Heavy Metal Team Up:


Video of the show floor on Saturday:

Frank Miller and Stan Lee in Conversation:

Video of the show floor on Friday:

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