Unboxing This Month’s ‘Investigate’ Lootcrate Takes You Into Mystery

by Staff


April’s Lootcrate theme is “Investigate” and the theme and the contents of the crate are pretty perfectly synced to the wide range of pop culture properties that directly or tangentally play into this category.

Opening the box, we see that the interior has been decorated like a crime scene investigator’s metal case, that or a conspiracy theorist’s (is there a difference in pop culture?).

First up we have private eye Jessica Jones as as Q Fig, kicking down a wall in dramatic fashion. She works well in this format, which presents dynamic poses. It’s also nice to see a female hero in the spotlight for collectibles.

Next, we have a color-changing Gotham mug to remind you of Batman’s detective roots. Hot liquids light up the night.

The newest property included in the box is Stranger Things, in a cool, pulpy t-shirt design, and given a little thought, yes, those kids were investigating, trying to solve a mystery. By now you should be beginning to realize that mystery and investigative elements inform about half of our pop culture storytelling.

One of the cleverest items is a set of X-Files pencils with slogans from the show. Why pencils? Because Mulder used to throw them at the ceiling, point upward. Remember?

Even the Lootpin this month is a rather artistic statement you might call retro–a hand held tape recorder, like many you’ll see in the X-Files, too.

But oh, wait–make sure to check the bottom of the box–Lootcrate have remembered to include a tiny pencil sharpener to make sure you can perforate your ceiling just like Mulder.

The Lootcrate magazine is pretty substantial this time, heavily themed with a great deal of enthusiasm. Also included are a number of digital comics–including X-Files.

But the “keys” leaflet is totally off the hook. Designed like a top secret folder and with several pages of clues to unlock, it’s a really well crafted document this time around.

And if you’re feeling the “investigative” call, you can convert your Lootcrate box into a metal-style crime scene carrying case for your clues as you go on the hunt.    April’s Lootcrate is really inventive, and has a number of high-quality and thoughtful items. I think this month’s theme “Investigate” really inspired the creative teams on this box–there’s a lot of extra energy behind it this time.

Find out more about Lootcrate at Lootcrate.com.

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