The Court Of Owls Flocks And A Hero May Rise In Gotham Episode 3.16

by Staff


Gotham came back to Fox this week with ‘Heroes Rise’, an arc that seems to realize tease out the origins of Batman in the life of Bruce Wayne. As the show’s panel at Wondercon suggested, and clips have further hinted, Wayne is about to get quite a teacher in the ways of the warrior, perhaps in a Ra’s al Ghul type figure.

But before we got to that point, episode 15 was really about the rise of the Riddler. This fascinating journey through the formation of Ed Nygma’s personality is something we’ve never really seen in such tight focus on TV before. Films have occasionally ventured into this formation territory, but in a single episode of Gotham, they managed to handle it succinctly, with humor, and force. We’ll see what kind of further “Rise” the Riddler is going to embark upon.

But with episode 16, coming up next Monday, May 1st, we’re going to be following the two versions of Bruce Wayne, it seems, and the machinations of the Court of Owls. Even the title of the episode, “These Delicate and Dark Obsessions“, suggests that things are rather intricate in episode 16.

Here’s the promo for episode 16 that aired on Fox:

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