Z2’s Free Comic Book Day Release Will Include Free Song By Robert Finley And Dan Auerbach

by Staff


The overlap between comics and music has been getting increasingly pronounced–Gerard Way had a Record Store Day release of new music that tied into his Young Animal imprint Cave Carson title, and even released a “primer” of comics from that imprint along with it.

Now, the publisher Z2 has announced a free musical download tied to their Free Comic Book Day comic, a song created by  bluesman Robert Finley and Grammy-Award winner Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys. The FCBD comic will include a link to the song “Into the Pines”.

The Z2 FCBD comic is written by Gabe Soria (Life Sucks) and illustrated in lavish black and white by Warren Pleece (Incognegro) and the story follows a bounty hunt for a musician who hunters think has stolen a hit song from producer Franklin Bonisteel.

This comic, titled “The Ballad of Franklin Bonisteel”, is a kind of thematic prequel to the upcoming graphic novel from Z2, Murder Ballads, a story “the music industry and redemption”, according to Z2.

You can also find Dan Auerbach’s new album, releasing soon, “Waiting on a Song“, right here.

You’ll find Z2’s “The Ballad of Franklin Bonisteel” comic, and many others, at your local comic shop this Free Comic Book Day, on Saturday, May 6th.

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