Looking At Dark Horse’s Free Comic Book Day Offerings – New Worlds And New Challenges

by Staff


This Free Comic Book Day, on May 6th, Dark Horse are releasing two FCBD offerings, one more adult-oriented titled, and one all-ages. The first will give us our first look at James Cameron’s Avatar, as well as a feature on Briggs Land, and the second will take us inside the world of Dark Horse’s line of high-school set all-ages Buffy the Vampire Slayer graphic novels, as well as into the zany universe of Plants vs. Zombies, based on the popular app game.

James Cameron’s Avatar/Briggs Land

This comic features the work of Sherri Smith, Brian Wood,  Doug Wheatley, Werther Dell’Edera, and Dave Wilkins. In it, we’ll return to Pandora and the world of the Nav’i from James Cameron’s film Avatar, and “Jake Sully connects with the flying Toruk, the majestic Great Leonopteryx, by remembering the depth of his bond with his twin brother and great partnerships of history and legend”, according to Dark Horse. Also included in this issue, Grace Briggs is tries to guide her secessionist family “peacefully through trying times”. When she finds that an armed militia is running an opioid ring on her land, she has to take action.

Here’s a look at the interior pages on Avatar/Briggs Land:

Next up, we have the Buffy: The High School Years title combined with Plants Vs. Zombies:

Buffy: The High School Years/Plants Vs. Zombies

This comic features work by Kel McDonald, Paul Tobin, Rachel Downing and Yishan Li.  Our Buffy tale promises “a monster-slaying, citizen-saving adventure” featuring a sixteen-year-old Buffy who is “still learning her trade”. #SlayerStruggleIsReal.  In our second story, plants and zombies will take a “time-traveling journey to the past”, where they run into a “devious sheriff”. It might take working together–the biggest challenge there could be–to overcome this corrupt lawman.

Here’s a look at those interior pages:

All in all, it looks like two stories set for adventure and action in our first issue, geared toward adults, and in our second, just as much fun for an all-ages audience, and plenty of adults would likely enjoy these stories, too. Dark Horse are making a good showing for Free Comic Book Day, presenting titles that will be as inviting to brand new comic readers as to comics die-hards.

Make sure to look out for these titles on Free Comic Book Day, this Saturday, May 6th, at your local shops.

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