‘Murder, Magic, And Mayhem’ In Small-Town Florida – Bellaire And Del Rey Bring Us Redlands In August

by Staff


As first announced at Emerald City Comic Con, Image is launching a new ongoing series by a stellar team of female creators this August called Redlands.  The book is being created by Eisner award-winning Jordie Bellaire (Pretty Deadly, Vision, Batman) and Vanesa R. del Rey (Zero, Scarlet Witch, Constantine) and has occult and political themes, with plenty of points in between included. Redlands is being lettered by Clayton Cowles.

Bellaire explains:

Redlands is my sick, weird love letter to Stephen King, Florida and Riot Grrrls everywhere but ultimately, hate mail for everything else. Inspired by the strange complexities of real world politics and crime, the characters of Redlands play victim and villain, attempting to understand themselves and others, through murder, magic and mayhem.

Redlands is set in a “sleepy, sunny town” by the same name in Florida, where the police are struggling to keep authority over  their “old-fashioned” community.  A “coven of killer witches” plan to take over the town.

Del Rey says:

The world of Redlands was brewed in darkness, it is murky waters, it is a gloomy day in the humidity of the mangroves. There is ferocity in this land, it is savagery that goes deep noir. The stories that develop in this world are as intricate as the etched lines that depict them.

Redlands is being compared to the “witchy-goodness” of Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott’s series Black Magic and the deep-South atmosphere of Jason Aaron and Jason Latour’s Southern Bastards. It’s perfect timing for a late summer full of the sultry and sinister.

Redlands #1 is going to arrive in comic shops on Wednesday, August 9th. The final order cutoff deadline for retailers is Monday, July 17th. You can order this comic with Diamond Code: JUN170621.