‘We Can’t Set A Course Without A Star’ – The First Look Star Trek Discovery Trailer

by Staff


The fan reaction to the release of the First Look trailer for the CBS All Access series Star Trek Discovery has been largely positive, with the impressive visuals and seriousness of the tone capturing their imaginations. Since the announcement of the series, there has been a predictable uncertainty over whether the series would be “done right” and live up to fan expectations, especially with the increased ability to include special effects in TV shows these days.

What we see in the First Look trailer is an impressive use of design and special effects, and an interesting focusing in on character that seems quite cinematic. Whether fans like or dislike the recent Star Trek films, they have commanded an impressive visual style, and viewers are primed to expect some of  the same from the TV show.

This original series arrives on CBS All Access this Fall and each episode will run within 24 hours of airing on Netflix outside of the USA.

Here’s our First Look: