The 7th Annual Designer Toy Award Winners Announced By Clutter Magazine In New York

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The 7th Annual Designer Toy Awards were held in conjunction with The Five Points Festival in New York City on Friday, May 19th, and were hosted by Clutter Magazine.

Top “artisan toy, visionary industry innovators”, and fans gathered at Webster Hall for the 7th Annual Designer Toy Awards (DTAs) supported by Lagunitas Brewing Company, and awards were announced by Clutter Magazine in 21 award categories.

DTA nominees hail from North America, Asia, Europe, and Latin America, with winners of 15 categories determined through a panel of industry judges, and an additional six chosen by the voting public. Public votes decided Artist of the Year, Custom of the Year, Toy of the Year, Best Blog, Best Toy Store, and Best Online Toy Store.

The evening was hosted by Morgan Spurlock, documentary film maker and “art toy enthusiast,” who presented Tatsuhiko Akashi the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award for his commitment to making his high-end designs and collaborations accessible to the masses.

Spurlock also announced the induction of five creators and their iconic pieces into the DTA Hall of Fame: Brothersworker figures by Brothersfree, Dunces series by Gary Baseman, Fafi Girls by Fafi, MC Supersize by Ron English, and to-fu by Devilrobots. These awards were determined by DTA’s judging panel.

The winners of the 7th Annual Designer Toy Awards are:

Best Blog (Fan Voted): The Toy Chronicle

Best Online Toy Store (Fan Voted): Rotofugi

Best Toy Store (Fan Voted): Playhouse

Best Licensed: Mondo Iron Giant by Mondo & Bigshot Toyworks

Best Mini Series: Gold Life by Huck Gee & Mighty Jaxx

Best DIY Platform: The Blank by Huck Gee

Custom of the Year (Fan Voted): B.F.U. BabyTEQ Armor by Quiccs

Best Non-Plastic: Omen fade wood by Coarse Toys

Brand of the Year: Mighty Jaxx

Hall of Fame: Brothersworker figures by Brothersfree

Hall of Fame: Dunces series by Gary Baseman

Hall of Fame: Fafi Girls by Fafi

Hall of Fame: MC Supersize by Ron English

Hall of Fame: To-Fu Oyako by Devilrobots

Lifetime Achievement: Tatsuhiko Akashi

Best Non-Licensed: Darth Trump by Time Bandits x Special Ed Toys

Custom of the Year: Luke & Tapistree by Gary Ham

Best Resin: The Astronaut by Alex Pardee & ToyQube

Best Sofubi: Bake Kujira by Candie Bolton

Best Vinyl & Plastic: Do Not Disturb by Coarse Toys

Break Through Artist: Candie Bolton

Toy of the Year (Fan Voted): Maguro by Mame Moyashi

Artist of the Year (Fan Voted): Juan Muniz

Toy of the Year: King Korpse by James Groman & Instinctoy

Artist of the Year: Jon-Paul Kaiser

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