Britain’s Slickest Secret Agent – Spy Seal From Image In August

by Staff


As you might have seen as a glorious double-paged ad in the back of Rich Tommaso’s She Wolf, the critically-acclaimed cartoonist will be launching an all-new series featuring the dashing British agent Spy Seal this August from Image Comics.

Originally created by Tommaso when he was in his early teens, Spy Seal became the subject of some of Tommaso’s doodlings online, and a revival of Spy Seal was born under viral interest from fans, cosplay, and even interest from Hollywood, as Image Comics have teased.  The series’ first chapter, The Corten-Steel Phoenix, finds Spy Seal, Britain’s newest covert agent, up to his neck in saboteurs, snipers, assassins, and double agents.

Tommaso says:

It’s wonderful and surreal to be working with material that I created as a 13-year-old kid. I’m enjoying doing a spy story too—it’s a genre I’ve never explored in my adult career as a cartoonist. The approach I’ve decided to take is to illustrate, write, and design everything in the style of those mid-20th-century Franco-Belgian comics—mainly Hergé’s Tintin, which I’ve really admired for years.

Tommaso loves this style of comics since it has a “cozy feel” and he predicts that we’ll see “amphibious planes, retro-modern cars, underground hideouts” and “mysterious locations”.

Spy Seal #1 (Diamond code: JUN170705) arrives in comic shops on Wednesday, August 16th. The final order cutoff for comics retailers is Monday, July 24th.

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