70’s Crime Has Never Been More Stylish – The Violent Love: Stay Dangerous TPB Out This Week

by Staff


Violent Love, the dark but adventurous crime/drama series written by Frank Barbiere and illustrated by Victor Santos, received plenty of attention for its first arc as the issues were released. It was hailed as addictive and compelling, drawing you into the world of Daisy and Roc, a girl who might otherwise have walked a more normal path in life, now out for revenge for the death of her father, and a career criminal who nevertheless thinks Daisy’s motivations are more extreme than his own.

Told from a perspective of the law-man later involved in their case, and looking back onto the 1970’s in the Southwest, the story varies widely in color scheme and settings from issue to issue, always fresh and exciting. As Daisy and Roc get way too involved with a cartel known as La Juaria, violence escalates to the kind of “blood opera” only Victor Santos is capable of.

Now the first 6 issues of the series are out in a collection priced at $9.99 from Image Comics, and if you haven’t encountered the series yet, or even if you have, this is your chance to see an absolutely gorgeous comic as a single arc unit and even better yet–make sure a friend reads it.

Here’s a look at the interiors on that trade, out this week: