Minnie & Daisy Team Up For ‘Fashion Passion’ From Papercutz

by Staff


Papercutz describe these gals as the “First Ladies” of Disney, as Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck team up for ‘Fashion Passion’, a new OGN that’s the second in a series featuring the pair. The new volume, Minnie & Daisy #2: Fasion Passion, arrives in shops July 11th, 2017 and contains six new stories about “friendship and loyalty” according to Papercutz.

In one story, Minnie and Daisy face obstacles created by their classroom rivals. In another, Minnie and Daisy play “the fashion game,” which reveals the difference between the way the two friends dress, from personalized to store-bought.  Lastly, when Daisy scores two tickets to see their favorite band perform, who will she take with her? Will her choice spoil their friendship?

Minnie and Daisy’s motto in these books is to “be friends and be yourself”, and the book aims to emphasize learning about differences in friendships and embracing them.

Look out for Minnie & Daisy #2: Fashion Passion in shops on July 11th, and learn more about this Papercutz line right here.

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