Trauma Victim Turns Hero In All-Time Comics: Blind Justice #1 Arriving In June

by Staff


In the critically acclaimed All Time Comics series published by Fantagraphics, comics traditions collide in all-new stories. Written by Josh Bayer, with art by Rick Buckler Jr. and inks by Al Milgrom , All-Time Comics: Blind Justice #1 features a patient in a trauma center who goes forth by night as “Blind Justice”, the “Man Who Walks Through Bullets”.

Described as a “pulse shattering thriller” by Fantagraphics, Blind Justice joins All-Time Comics heroes Crime Destroyer and and Bullwhip who have appeared in previous issues.

Look out for All-Time Comics: Blind Justice #1 shipping from Fantagraphics on June 15th and arriving in local comic shops on June 28th.

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