Akumu Ink’s June Designs – Pirates And Wizards On Parade

by Staff


Clothing and accessories line Akumu Ink changes up their offerings each month, adding new items, often with well-timed themes. Akumu take popular property concepts and put their own macabre design spin on things.

This June their t-shirt designs take on a “Phantom Voyage” that’s opportunely timed to the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, and an “Off to See The Wizard” shirt that might put you in mind of the recent Emerald City TV show.

There’s also a very special exclusive June t-shirt which might remind you of a spiky version of a certain Homecoming film…

Here’s their “Phantom Voyage”:

And here’s their “Off To See The Wizard”:

That special June Exclusive shirt, too:

You can find out more about these offerings, and past designs, by visiting Akumu Ink.