A Homegrown Science Hero – Unboxing Funko’s Marvel Collector Corps: Spider-Man Homecoming

by Staff


This month’s new arrival, the Marvel Collector Corps box featuring Spider-Man: Homecoming ahead of the new film landing, is as Spidey centric as one box could possibly be, and for fans of the webslinger, this box hits the spot.

The box features Spidey’s “homemade” suit, which we’ll see in the film, and I particularly find appealing and endearing. Funko have used the image of the homemade suit on both Pop! vinyls and mystery minis, as well as Pop! keychains, so they must be aware of the appeal.

Our patch for this box sports The Vulture’s face, menacing and airborne. Our pin is all classic Spidey in feel, with a dark background set with red lines.

The inside of the box is decorated with various Spider-Man motifs, and an Iron Man head, suggesting Iron Man’s role in the film Homecoming to bring Peter Parker in the hero-fold.

Our variant cover with Pop! Spider-Man is for Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #1, a title that’s been much anticipated so this makes a nice addition to those who are likely to be picking up the series right away.

The star of the box is no doubt the exclusive Spider-Man: Homecoming Funko Pop! that depicts Spider-Man with webbed “gliders” under his arms, enabling a kind of flight.

Also included in the box are two Mystery Minis that are variable among the crates. Mine included a tiny, very determined looking Shocker and a Spider-Man poised for battle, with his web-slingers ready to go.

But almost as cool as the exclusive Pop! is the exclusive t-shirt, a replica of the t-shirt Peter Parker is going to be wearing for his science high school in Spider-Man: Homecoming, and a treat for all science nerds and Spidy fans. This one is going to be very popular.

This month’s Spiderman: Homecoming box was closely attuned to fandom and it’s hard to think of more specific ways to reflect enthusiasm for the film and for the current comics than through the items crafted for this crate. It’s just Spidey through and through, and puts us exactly in the mood to celebrate Peter Parker and his journey to becoming a wise-cracking, resilent hero all over again.

Find out more about Marvel Collector Corp boxes from Funko right here.

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