Unboxing June’s Lootcrate – Alter Egos Are More Than Meets The Eye

by Staff


This month’s Lootcrate is themed “Alter Ego” and it pursues that idea in strikingly different ways–it’s not all superheroes in this box. In fact, the box itself holds some surprises…

The box transforms into Optimus Prime, reminding us that Autobots are “more than meets the eye” and having more than one identity might serve various purposes.

Along with the box, we receive an Optimus-in-transformation t-shirt that’s bound to please, especially since the graphics and color choice seem very 80’s. It has a definite “retro” look.

But then we’re deeper into alter egos as secret identities territory, with our QFig of Spider-Man in black, white, and greyscale, just in time for the release of the Spider-Man: Homecoming film in July. And it’s a Lootcrate Exclusive.

And an ice-cream style bowl in Hulk green with Hulk fingers grasping it is rather a fun piece:

Lootcrate have always been good about including a focus on the artwork behind pop culture in their subscriptions, and this time it’s a miniaturized poster book featuring covers from the New 52 at DC Comics.

Here’s a look at some of those posters:

Our pin reminds us of supervillain transformation, too, and the Green Goblin and Norman Osborn.

And our Alter Ego Lootcrate Magazine clues us in on these featured items as well as containing online content to engage us.

All in all, this is a fun summer crate, and I’m reminded again that for the cost of monthly Lootcrates, this is very economical for fans. There’s a lot in this box tying into comics, film, and animation fandom, and it follows an entertaining concept, too.

Now, to get started building a cardboard Optimus Prime…

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