Rogue By Name, Rogue By Nature: Rogue Events Ceases Trading

by Oliver MacNamee



Rogue Events have made a name for themselves over the past decade or so here in the UK with conventions focussing on specific TV shows, such as their Storybrooke events where, in the past, fans could met and greet and mingle with their favourite actors from the popular Once Upon A Time TV show. They have put on conventions for Arrow, Supernatural and, last week, Insurgence 9 (for the shows, Vampire Diaries and The Originals) where people started sensing that there was something not quite right going on behind the scenes.

It was reported that 6 big name stars from the shows pulled out at the last minute, with one at least, Joseph Morgan, who plays Klaus Mikaelson in the Vampire Diaries, tweeting he was not attending as Rogue Events had ‘refused to honour their obligations’. It got so bad that the local police had to be called in to placate suitably annoyed fans left short-changed by this turn of events. You can read the whole account from last weekend here.



But, even before this meltdown, there were warning signs as previously Rogue Events tried to palm of fans when–and only over a week ago–new guest Matt Davis (The Originals) was announced but with the claim that credit notes could not be used for photo opportunities. They soon had to change their minds after an outpouring of enraged fans seeing this as nothing more than a grab for more money, but the damage was clearly already done.

But, people are not all pointing to new owner Jennie Glover being totally responsible (but, mostly they are) as she has only been in charge since May, but what she inherited must have been in an awful state to begin with, one must assume. That, and “inexperience” and “bad decisions” which she has held her hands up to.

Either way, try telling that to the fans now out of pocket, in some cases to the tune of hundreds of pounds. I can’t imagine they’ll accept this apology, can you? Apologies cost nothing, but what about refunds, then?

I’ll leave you with the statement on their website:

I am truly sorry and heartbroken to have let down the attendees, staff and volunteers, as well as the guests in the way I have done at insurgence 9. I came on board in a desperate hope to be able to re-build the events into something great for everyone, and I failed. This was due to many factors. I made bad decisions. I was inexperienced. Nothing I can say will take back what has happened or make anything right. I can only apologise to people with everything I have. I am so deeply sorry.

Jennie Glover

Rogue Events ceased trading officially on July 3rd, 2017.

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