A Supervillain Loses His Edge In Bastard’s Waltz From Darby Pop At IDW

by Hannah Means Shannon


Coming up this September, we’ll be getting an original graphic novel from writer Mark Bertolini, artist Giovanni Guida, and letterer Micah Myers that blends superhero and crime elements. Darby Pop at IDW are publishing the the book wherein the world’s most dangerous superhuman assassin suddenly needs to be protected from a deadly killer.

Enter John the Bastard, the world’s most dangerous supervillain, whose name strikes fear in the heart of most heroes.  John finds himself in the crosshairs of a talented upstart assassin, and only Secret Service protection specialist Ezekiel Sweet can help him. With Sweet acting as a reluctant guardian, the rise of a traitor on the inside, and John’s skills fading, a showdown is brewing.

Bastard’s Waltz is described as “a super-powered, adult, crime/conspiracy thriller” comparing well to to Super-Crooks by Mark Millar and the Clint Eastwood film In the Line of Fire.

You’ll find Bastard’s Waltz in shops on September 27th, 2017, and you can pre-order it from your comic shop with the following code: JUL171819