David Hasselhoff To Star In Amazing Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2 Blu-ray Extra

by Erik Amaya


Most Blu-ray and DVD extras are fairly mundane affairs these days, but few feature the majesty of Starcrash and Baywatch star David Hasselhoff. Apparently, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 will contain an extra starring the Hoff in all his glory.

Director James Gunn revealed earlier today that a music video for Inferno, a song from the Vol. 2 soundtrack by The Sneepers with Hasselhoff, will arrive with the home video release of the film. The song is, to say the least, a thing of wonder. It’s a mix of Meco’s disco takes on the Star Wars themes, a bit of John Barry’s Starcrash score and a dash of 80s Italian dance club gestalt. In fact, it might be the best thing about the soundtrack. If you somehow missed it before, here’s a handy video link to it:

In a subsequent post, Gunn assured a fan the film will be presented in 4K resolution. That’s a big deal for those with 4K TVs as the extra bandwidth will really make the colors in the film pop. While I may not have liked the film as much as its predecessor, it was one of the most colorful films of the year. A certain scene toward the end will be staggeringly beautiful on 4K display.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 comes to home video on August 22nd.

Erik Amaya

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