Valiant Unveil Complete Set Of Variant Covers For Bloodshot Salvation #1

by Hannah Means Shannon


Bloodshot Salvation is coming up in September as Valiant’s next big ICONS series bringing us back into the lives of their core characters, and it’s being launched with great fanfare–and a number of variant covers, which we can reveal to you today.

Written by Jeff Lemire, and drawn by Lewis Larosa and Mico Suayan, bringing together the same team who worked on Bloodshot Reborn, Bloodshot Salvation catches up with our nanite-enhanced supersoldier as he attempts to live a life far away from his past with Project Rising Spirit, now defunct, and alongside Magic and their baby daughter Jessie. Since this new arc is called “The Book of Revenge”, we get the sense that sunshine and rainbows are not in this family’s future.

But loyalty to his family is both what is going to drive Ray Garrison to do things that have big repercussions and demand even bigger sacrifices from him, which in our two-storyline tale jumps between the “present” and the “future” where Magic and Jessie are on the run from a new splinter group organization who are after nanite-inheriting Jessie.

Covers for Bloodshot Salvation #1 are by Kenneth Rocafort, Monika Palosz, Tomas Giorello, Greg Smallwood, Dave Johnson, and Mico Suayan:

Here’s our complete order information for issue #1, which reaches FOC on August 28th:

Written by JEFF LEMIRE
Cover A (Standard) by KENNETH ROCAFORT (JUL172245)
Cover B (Villains) by MONIKA PALOSZ (JUL172246)
Cover C (Battle Damaged) by TOMÁS GIORELLO (JUL172247)
Interlocking Variant by GREG SMALLWOOD (JUL172249)
Bloodshot Icon Variant by DAVE JOHNSON (JUL172250)
Brushed Metal Variant Cover by MICO SUAYAN (JUL172251)
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On sale SEPTEMBER 20 (FOC – 8/28/17)

You can also still take advantage of the Bloodshot Salvation Pre-Order Edition Bundle deal which includes an exclusive, not-for-resale comic and extra content in each issue for no additional cost. Orders are possible until July 27th, 2017:

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