The Latest Expansions For Pokemon TCG Welcome New Players And Characters

by Christine Marie Attardo


Additions are constantly being made to the Pokemon Trading Card Game, and thanks to Andrew at TriplePointPR, I’m able to stay up to date with them all.

The most recent expansions for the TCG focus on the Sun & Moon expansions and were released under the title Guardians Rising. These sets feature a new type of card that is similar to the Pokemon Ex cards, except now they are Pokemon GX cards.

I was lucky to receive two pre-made decks, one that was psychic-steel and the other fire-steel. Each came with a holographic GX card celebrating the epic Pokemon in both the Sun and Moon expansions. You can check out the Solgaleo GX below…

Just like EX cards, when your Pokemon faints, you lose two prize cards. However, it is incredibly fair considering the amount of damage these Pokemon do. Then there’s the GX move. That move can only be used once and is usually a powerful game changer.

I found both decks to be pretty balanced and it was definitely fun to use them. While I usually prefer to make my own combinations, it was nice to try out decks that are tailored to types I don’t normally use.

I would definitely recommend picking these up to spruce up your collection. Then there’s something else that’s pretty cool. The Pokemon TCG has released something for beginners called Sun & Moon Trainer Kit

This set is comprised of 60 cards divided into two smaller 30 card decks. The whole thing breaks down how to play the game step by step. Complete with a helpful board…


I found the kit to be way too simple for myself and my boyfriend who have been playing for a long time. However, with that said, it is perfect for beginners and would be very helpful at teaching the mechanics of the game. If you have someone in your life that you think would enjoy playing the game, but doesn’t have any cards, this is a great way to get them started.

For more information on the latest expansions of the Pokemon TCG visit their website.

Christine Marie Attardo is a 28 year old writer, poet, and all around creative human. She loves all things nerdy and Gail Simone related. When she’s not writing, you can find her nose in a book or her face glued to her computer screen playing video games. Chat with her on Twitter @AWritersWay. 

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