SDCC ’17: Lion Forge Announces Guest Cover Artists For Catalyst Prime

by Hannah Means Shannon

Gary Catig writes:

At the Lion Forge panel at SDCC ’17, they announced a number of guest cover artists for the second season of comics in their new shared superhero universe of Catalyst Prime.  Each illustrator was carefully paired with a book in the series to ensure the artistic style matched well with the featured super heroes.

Below are the pairings for each book:


Nilah Magruder (M.F.K.)                                                                      Superb

Khary Randolph (Mosaic)                                                                      Noble

ChrissCross (Captain Marvel)                                                               Accel

Sanford Greene  (Power Man and Iron Fist)                                 Incidentals

Cully Hamner (Blue Beetle)                                                              Astonisher

Dean Haspiel (Fantastic Four)                                                               Kino

Valentine De Landro (Bitch Planet)                                                   Summit

Also, when suggested by an audience member that breakout character of series flagship Noble, Astrid Allen-Powell receive her own spin off solo title, writer Brandon Thomas teased the possibility by telling her to stay tuned.

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