Wonder Woman Sequel Gets 2019 Release Date

by Erik Amaya

Diana’s next solo outing in theaters lands a 2019 slot.

As we reported yesterday, Warner Bros. is developing a number of DC Comics properties into feature films. A large number, in fact. They also have a large number of release dates reserved for these films. But outside of Justice League, due in November, and 2018’s Aquaman, the rest of the slate remains unclear.

Then, yesterday evening,  The Hollywood Reporter learned that the Wonder Woman sequel will be released on Dec. 13, 2019.

Unfortunately, it is still unclear if director Patty Jenkins will be returning. As the site reports, negotiations are ongoing. Jenkins herself seems keen to return, suggesting in some interviews that the film will chronicle Diana’s first trip to the United States. But the studio did not sign her to a long-term contract and therefore there is room to create a better deal. To paraphrase the Joker, if you do something well, never do it for less money than you deserve.

The rest of the slate, which will see four DC related films released in 2020, has not yet solidified. These projects include, Shazam! — said to start production in February — The Flash: Flashpoint, The Batman, Batgirl, Green Lantern Corps., Justice League Dark and a sequel to Suicide Squad. A projecting centering on Nightwing is also in development. Curiously, the originally planned Justice League sequel and the proposed Margot Robbie-led Gotham City Sirens project have disappeared from the slate.

But as mentioned yesterday, this seeming uncertainty is part of the plan. According to DC Entertainment’s Geoff Johns, the full schedule will be announced “when we’re ready and we have the films that we’re excited about.”

Certainly, Wonder Woman 2 is something to be excited about.

Erik Amaya

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