Jeph Loeb Says Scheduling Prevented Showrunner Scott Buck’s Return to Iron Fist

by Erik Amaya


There’s a widespread understanding among fans and critics that many of Iron Fist‘s first season failings fall at the foot of showrunner Scott Buck. And, as it turns out, he will not be returning to the series.

But as Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb told The Tracking Board last week, those quality issues — whether real or perceived — had nothing to do Buck’s departure. Instead, it was down to the scheduling with Buck’s other Marvel TV show, Inhumans. “What happened, really very simply, was Scott Buck was on Inhumans and we were delighted to get another order from Netflix and knew that Scott was not going to be available to us,” Loeb told the site.

Inhumans, itself a long-in-development project, begins first as IMAX event on September 1st before airing on ABC. Of course, the shaky reception of Iron Fist has lead many to wonder if Inhumans will be fraught with a similar inconsistency of quality.

Meanwhile, Loeb is “excited” for new Iron Fist showrunner Raven Metzner, to come in and tell “the next epic adventure for this character.” He even likened it to the change of creative teams on a book. “Writers have come in and told their particular view of what that character could be,” said. Using Daredevil as example, he credited Frank Miller with suggesting the character was not “a happy-go-lucky, plucky acrobat who’s running around, like a more mature version of Spider-Man. Maybe it’s a crime drama. And he changed the tone of that book.”

“It’s not that we want the audience to get whiplash,” he continued. “It really does need to feel like this is the next chapter of what’s going to happen to Danny Rand and we’re really looking forward to it.”

Since I’ve been indulging in editorializing some of my opinions about Iron Fist this whole time, I feel safe in adding that Loeb should not worry about any sort of whiplash. The show was just so directionless that any sort of “epic adventure” will be a welcome respite from the indecisiveness which dogged the series its entire first season.

Also, so this doesn’t feel like a complete pile-on, I hope Buck has more passion for the Inhumans than he did for Danny Rand. Unlike the showrunners of the other Netflix series, you never felt like the producer was all that connected to Danny or his world. And much like in comics, that lack of passion is poisonous. Hopefully, Attilan is a place he cares about more than New York.

Erik Amaya

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