Grant Gustin Hopes Barry Will Find Forgiveness In Season Four Of The Flash

by Erik Amaya


Barry Allen was the architect of all of his own pain in season three and star Grant Gustin hopes the character finds forgiveness for his actions.

The actor said as much to TV Guide when asked about where the character finds himself emotionally as the fourth season begins. “He kinda set everything in motion that was bad news last year,” he explained. “So hopefully, not only for Barry but for the viewers…for Team Flash, there could be kind of a forgiveness and we could move on from all of the drama that happened last year.”

That would definitely be a step in the right direction as the third season saw the boyish and hopeful Barry ground into the pavement with guilt and darkness, culminating in his emo time remnant Savitar. It also led to his snap decision to replace Jay Garrick inside the Speed Force, which could lead to tension with Iris once he returns.

Come to think of it, Barry’s constant need for forgiveness should be examined in greater detail on the show at some point. Superheroes definitely need therapists for all the trauma they endure.

Whether or not the team forgives him, Barry will be able to forgive himself while isolated in the Speed Force. “He’s able to just let go a lot of the things he feels guilty about, a lot of the hardship he’s had to deal with,” Gustin said. I don’t know if the Speed Force is exactly the sort of therapy I had in mind for Barry; but if it helps, great! I just want the team to have some fun again.

The Flash returns on October 10th.

Erik Amaya

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