First Look At Deadpool 2’s Man Called Cable

by Erik Amaya

The Deadpool hype train continues as Ryan Reynolds reveals the first look at Josh Brolin’s Cable.

Gone are the extreme shoulder pads of old, but Brolin definitely looks the part. His telekinetic eye is also tastefully augmented with CGI. As you might recall, Cable is Nathan Christopher Charles Summers (or Nathan Dayspring or Nathan Winters), the son of Scott Summers and Madeline Pryor. Infected with Apocalypse’s techno-organic virus, he was transported into a future where Apocalypse rules supreme in hopes of finding a cure. Intended by Mr. Sinister to be the most powerful telepath/telekinetic mutant ever born, most of his abilities are slaved to holding the virus at bay. So, in lieu of using them, he uses guns. A lot of guns. Eventually, Cable’s war against Apocalypse brought him back to the present day where he founded a couple of mercenary teams and lead X-Force.

It’s unclear how much of that history Deadpool 2 will actually reference, though its easy to imagine Deadpool making fun of Nate’s convoluted history. Maybe even with cutaways to concept art of Cable’s futurewar. His history, while often filled with pathos, also sets up a lot of visual comedy.

And just to make it clear that Cable left the shoulder pads in the 1990s, Reynolds followed the first post with a wide short of Brolin, complete with cybernetic arm and a Big Gun:

Deadpool 2 arrives sometime in 2018.

Erik Amaya

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