Marvel Is Bringing Back Two 70’s Horror Comic Collections In Time For Halloween

by Hannah Means Shannon


Hats off to for pointing out that Marvel Comics will be releasing Tomb of Dracula: The Complete Collection Vol. 1, and Marvel Horror: The Magazine Collection this October in time for Halloween.

Indeed, the books are listed in Previews as arriving on October 4th and October 11th respectively. .

Tomb of Dracula: The Complete Collection Vol 1. features the work of the following writers: Gerry Conway, Archie Goodwin, Gardner Fox, Marv Wolfman, Roy Thomas, Steve Gerber, Tony Isabella

And also of the following artists: Gene Colan, Alan Weiss, Rich Buckler, Jim Starlin, John Buscema, Alfonso Font, Mike Ploog, Dick Ayers, Vicente Alcazar,  Neal Adams

Here’s the complete description for that volume:

Sink your teeth into a vampiric volume that chronicles some of the greatest supernatural comics ever printed! The all-time classic TOMB OF DRACULA ushered in Marvel’s glorious age of horror, while the black-and-white magazine DRACULA LIVES! delivered stories with real bite – and both featured legendary creators, including Gene Colan in his prime illustrating the Lord of Vampires! The tomb has opened, and Dracula lives again! But his descendant, Frank Drake, joins vampire hunters including Rachel Van Helsing and Quincy Harker in a bid to return him to his grave! Will they drive a stake through Dracula’s heart – or will that honor fall to Blade? Plus: Tales of terror from across Dracula’s 500-year existence – featuring Hell-Crawlers, the Monster of the Moors, wizards, gargoyles, voodoo queens and more! Collecting TOMB OF DRACULA (1972) #1-15 and DRACULA LIVES! #1-4.

Marvel Horror: The Magazine Collection will arrive in shops on October 11th, 2017.

It includes the work of the following writers: Chris Claremont, Doug Moench, Tony Isabella, Don McGregor, Bruce Jones, J. M. DeMatteis, Steve Perry

And of the following artists: Tony DeZuniga, Rico Rival, Vicente Alcazar, Ernie Chan, Michael Golden, Dave Simons, Bob Hall, Geof Isherwood, Stephen R. Bissette, JUAN Boix, Gene Colan, Gil Kane, Billy Graham 

Here’s our full description for this volume:

Marvel’s supernatural superstars star in lavishly illustrated tales of horror! And many of these bizarre adventures from the age of the black-and-white magazine are collected here for the first time! Blade hunts, Dracula stalks and the Zombie shambles! Meanwhile, night brings the daughter of the diabolical, Satana! You’ll meet Gabriel, Devil Hunter! Discover the magic of Lady Daemon! Fear the Death-Dealing Mannikin! And brave the Haunt of Horror and the Vault of Evil! They’re rarely seen creepy classics filled with werewolves, vampires and monsters unleashed – read them if you dare! Collecting material from MARVEL PREVIEW #3, #7-8, #12 and #16; HAUNT OF HORROR (1974) #1-2; MONSTERS UNLEASHED (1973) #3-9; and BIZARRE ADVENTURES #25 and #33.

That’s a delightful pair of horror titles to land in October for fans of the frightful. Kudos to Marvel for bringing them back in time for the spookiest of seasons!

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