Archie Comics Branches Out With Three New Titles: B&V Vixens, The Mighty Crusaders, Cosmo

by Hannah Means Shannon


Archie Comics have announced that they are diversifying their comics line-up with three titles that take the publisher in new directions. Those titles are: Betty & Veronica Vixens, The Mighty Crusaders, and Cosmo.

This new wave of new Archie Comics titles will arrive after the debut of Jughead: The Hunger and The Archies ongoing series in October, with a goal of “providing a variety of different genres and entry points for new and returning comic book readers”, according to Archie Comics.

B & V Vixens is about an all-girl biker gang, led by Berry and Veronica and lands in November 15th.
It will be a new ongoing series by writer Jamie L. Rotante, artist Eva Cabrera (Kim & Kim), colorist Elaina Unger and letter Rachel Deering.

Eva Cabrera says:

Working for Archie Comics is a dream come true for me, and this was the very reason I started doing comics! I feel this project was meant for me because I adore Motorcycles AND the Archie girls! I’m sure everyone will love it! Besides, who doesn’t love all-girl motorcycle groups?

The Mighty Crusaders will be a new ongoing series from Archie Comics that returns to the Dark Circle Comics imprint and launches in December from writer Ian Flynn and artist Kelsey Shannon.

Archie Comics say: “Two generations of heroes including THE SHIELD, THE COMET, THE WEB, JAGUAR, DARKLING, FIREFLY, and STEEL STERLING must learn how to work together as they join forces to battle deadly new threats”.

Artist Kelsey Shannon explains:

The Mighty Crusaders is one of those dream projects that you always hope for but never dare expect will actually happen. The best of the golden age through the lens of the present.

COSMO promotional art by Vincent Lovallo

Lastly, the ongoing series Cosmo will bring back the Cosmo the Merry Martian character as part of the Archie Action line, and brings the 1950s space alien into the present day with new friends.

Cosmo’s new adventures begin in early 2018 and the creative team has not been announced yet.

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