A Detective Princess And Her Jerk Pony – Mega Princess From Boom! Studios

by Hannah Means Shannon


This week, the full collected miniseries of Boom! Studios’ Mega Princess arrived in softcover, written by Kelly Thompson and illustrated by Brianne Drouhard. You may recognize Thompson’s name from her extensive work on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink, Jem and the Holograms, and more. Thompson’s experience in comics sets her in good stead to tell a tale that tackles typical fairy tale-like stories featuring young girls and turn many of the motifs on their head to bring us a story that’s both more entertaining and more intriguing than worn out, and at times quite limiting narratives in our culture.

Drouhard’s art captures plenty of the humor and intentionally undermining attitude that makes the story unique, and combines a sense of adventure with wonder that complements the detective elements of this narrative, too.

In Mega Princess, on Princess Maxine Titan’s 10th birthday, her fairy godmother grants her the powers of every princess, from speaking to animals to sensing a pea under a ton of mattresses. Max is more interested in being a detective than a princess, but when her baby brother goes missing, she’ll have to combine her princess powers with her sleuthing prowess to get him back. Along with a “jerk pony”.

Have a look at this fairly massive preview of Mega Princess Volume 1 from Boom! Studios and consider taking a walk down a new avenue in princess-based storytelling that brings more progressive attitudes, wit, and humor to an all-ages tale:

Mega Princess Volume 1 is currently available in shops from Boom! Studios.